TED 5000 Frequently Asked Questions

TED5000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Time and again our customers call us with a lot of the same questions regarding their new TED5000 Home Energy Monitor. We wanted to help all of our customers by offering this simple collection of some of the most frequently asked questions.

I'd like to collect historical data on my home's electricity usage. How much data does TED store?

TED's Gateway stores up to 10 years' of data. The following amount of data is stored for each increment listed below:

Second data = 60 minutes
Minute data = 48 hours
Hour data = 90 days
Day data = 2 years
Year data = 10 years

All data is exportable through Footprints Software at any time. The data will export to a CSV (Excel) file. You may export data as often as you'd like.

I want to install TED in my vacation home, but I don't have a permanent computer set up. Do I need a computer to use TED?

A computer is needed to set up TED initially, to enter utility rates and to customize your system. After setup, a computer is not required. You may view your TED data in real-time on the optional wireless Display, or if you didn't purchase the Display, simply connect your laptop/computer to the TED Gateway via Ethernet and view the real-time and stored data. The software is embedded on the TED Gateway.

I want to view more than my overall usage. How can I monitor an individual appliance?

There are three ways to monitor an individual device/appliance:

  1. Use the optional wireless Display - Using the handheld Display, instantly see how much an individual device/appliance uses when it is turned off/on or whether it is plugged/unplugged.

  2. Create a Load Profile in Footprints Software - Using the Load Profile Wizard, you can create a software-based load profile for up to five devices/appliances. Large, single-stage loads (water heater, electric oven, some HVAC systems) can be profiled to be detected in software that will then provide an additional bar graph displaying the approximate time-of-use and associated cost. (Multi-stage loads require a dedicated MTU to be used in conjunction with the software.)

  3. Purchase an additional MTU/CT set - If the device you are trying to monitor is on its own breaker/circuit, you can purchase an additional MTU/CT to monitor the individual breaker. In Footprints software, you will be able to view and monitor the device independently from your overall electricity usage. You can use the additional MTU/CT in conjunction with the Load Profile feature to display time of use and the cost associated with each per power cycle on multi-stage loads.

I'm concerned about privacy. Who can view my data?

The TED system can easily be password-protected for remote viewing. The data-transmission is encrypted as well. The data will not be viewable by anyone without your security credentials.

I am concerned about the accuracy of my electricity bill each month. How accurate is TED?

TED is calibrated at the factory to be accurate to within 2%, however, you will find that it is generally closer to 1%.

I want to use TED Advisor to receive real-time text messages/email alerts. Are there any monthly/subscription fees or any additional charges to use TED?

TED Advisor is a great tool to use to stay within a budget, or to avoid exceeding a user-defined parameter. There are no subscription fees for using TED Advisor. However, your mobile phone service provider may charge you for Text Messages.

How many circuits can the TED monitor?

The TED can monitor up to four (4) 240V circuits.

Can the Gateway be plugged into a plug strip or power bar?

The Gateway must be plugged into a 120V outlet, and do not plug it into an outlet connected to any other electronic equipment with an external power supply (such as a laptop or printer).

How far can the display be away from the gateway?

The Display should be kept close to the Gateway for the best reception. There should be no metal, brick or concrete walls between the Gateway and the Display, although generally wood and sheetrock do not cause interference.

Can the data be exported?

Yes, the exported file will be in CSV format.