Dwyer Differential Pressure Gauges/Switches - Dial


Differential Pressure Gauges/Switches - Dial

These pressure gauges and switches are ideally used in air conditioning systems, clean rooms, pneumatic conveying and fume exhaust systems. They feature versatility with precise measurements. Find a wide selection to fit your application.

Dwyer A3000 Series Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gauges-

Dwyer A3000 Series Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gauges

The direct reading scales eliminate troublesome conversions. The scales are brushed aluminum, coated with epoxy and the graduations are on both sides of the indicating tube. Special integral flow guides stabilize the float throughout the range to keep it from hunting or wandering in the bore. The float is highly visible against a white background.

Dwyer MP Series Mini-Photohelic Differential Pressure Switches/Gauges-

Dwyer MP Series Mini-Photohelic Differential Pressure Switches/Gauges

Designed to measure and control positive, negative, or differential pressures consisting of non-combustible and non-corrosive gases. The gauge reading is independent of switch operation, and switching status is visible by LED indicators located on the front and rear of the gauge. Setpoints are adjusted with push buttons on the back of the unit.

Dwyer 3000MR/3000MRS Series Photohelic Switch/Gauges-

Dwyer 3000MR/3000MRS Series Photohelic Switch/Gauges

Switch setting is easy to adjust with large external knobs on the gauge face. Gauge reading is unaffected by switch operation - will indicate accurately even if power is interrupted. Solid state design now results in greatly reduced size and weight. Units can be flush mounted in 4-13/16" (122 mm) hole or surface mounted with hardware supplied.

Dwyer SG1 Series 1.5" Industrial Pressure Gauges-

Dwyer SG1 Series 1.5" Industrial Pressure Gauges

Perfect for applications where resistance to corrosion is necessary, the stainless steel case and ring offer excellent protection from harsh processes. The gauges are an economical choice where ambient corrosion and vibration are a concern, and are suitable for all fluids that are compatible with brass and bronze, and are available with bottom or back connections.

Dwyer 43000 Series Capsu-Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gauges-

Dwyer 43000 Series Capsu-Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gauges

Employs an encapsulated sensing element for use with both liquids and gases at pressures to 500 psig (34 bar). Optional cast brass case is available for water or water based liquids. Two phototransistor actuated, DPDT relays are included for low/high limit control.

Dwyer SG5 Series Pressure Gauges-

Dwyer SG5 Series Pressure Gauges

4.5" diameter dial pressure gauges. Single PSI scales with 1% full-scale accuracy.

Dwyer SGY Series Pressure Gauges-

Dwyer SGY Series Pressure Gauges

2.5" diameter dial pressure gauges. Dual english/metric scales with ±1.5% accuracy.

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