Kestrel Products

Kestrel Products

Kestrel offers more... The Kestrel DROP Wireless Data Loggers Know your temperature, humidity and pressure conditions anywhere. The Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphones offer... No More Batteries to Buy... No More Repair or Replacement Costs... No More Muffled Sound!

Kestrel DROP Wireless Environmental Data Loggers-

Kestrel DROP Wireless Environmental Data Loggers

DROPs are small, rugged, waterproof and accurate. They allow you to record and monitor the conditions of any environment, while easily accessing and charting real-time data on a smart device. The DROPs can be placed in multiple locations (inside, outside, and even in water) to log specific conditions and transmit data via Bluetooth.

Blue Ocean Megaphone Series-

Blue Ocean Megaphone Series

Make yourself heard in any environment with a loud, clear and durable voice projection megaphone.

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