Dwyer Butterfly Valves


Butterfly Valves

Find a selection of butterfly valves used for shut-off from water in chillers, cooling towers, hydraulic systems and thermal storage systems and used in sewage systems, and wastewater treatment plants.

Dwyer SAE Series Butterfly Valves-

Dwyer SAE Series Butterfly Valves

Low Cost, S.A.E. Flange, Hydraulic Reservoir Shut Off Valve. Unique features include an O-ring flange face seal complying with S.A.E. J518 dimensional requirements. This design provides for bubble tight reservoir shut off up to 25 psi (1.72 bar) and a maximum temperature of 180°F (82.2°C).

Dwyer WE20 Series Butterfly Valve-

Dwyer WE20 Series Butterfly Valve

The most critical aspect of the Series WE20 Butterfly Valves is the cartridge seat design, which alleviates installation problems associated with common "dove tail design" seats.

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